We are a Fort Worth video production company helping you from identifying opportunities to producing the concepts and promoting your videos to the right audience. We specialize in commercial production with a focus on cinematic, story-telling content. We offer pre-production, video production, and post-production services.

Creative Branding

  • Complete discovery and creative brainstorming consultation
  • Full planning/scripting/hiring/preproduction
  • Half day shoot
  • Animated opening and closing logo reveal
  • Advanced editing for dynamic use of footage
  • Voiceover

Sometimes word are not enough, We can tailor the perfect brand message.

Starting at $2300

Crafted micro-documentary    

  • Planning meeting to identify audience and message
  • Full preproduction planning and scripting
  • Half day shoot to shoot all subjects and B-roll
  • Animated opening and closing logo reveal
  • Advanced editing for dynamic use of b-roll
  • Voiceover

Introduce your business and services or offer a glimpse into what makes you truly special.            

Starting at $1550

We can help you create:

  •  Commercials
  • Client testimonials
  • Explainer videos
  • Sales videos
  • Product demo videos
  • Instructional training videos
  • Kickstarter and crowdfunding videos
  • Music Videos
  • Identifying Your Target Audience
  • Scripting
  • Creative Messaging
  • Aerial

Script and Shoot

  • Two and a half to three hour scripting consultation and shoot
  • minimal b-roll (still images or video)
  • scripting help and delivery coaching
  • includes basic opening/closing/royalty free music
  • Enhanced editing for a polished and dynamic video.

In about a minute or two you can get your point across creating the connect to your audience

Starting at $850

Simple Talking Head

  • 90-minute shoot    
  • Includes basic opening/closing/royalty free music

A great choice when you know what you need to say and you don’t require a lot of polish.

Starting at $450

Ready to get started?

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